A hike from Mosquito Pass

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A hike from Mosquito Pass.  The coolest place on Earth!  Click on me for more.
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Looking east. The Continental Divide about 70 miles away. Denver another 50 beyond that. 2000 feet above the road to Alma. (left of center)
Learned that sometimes it is best to go back the way you came (at least for a little while). On a clear summer day in July it is common to have a thick cloud descend upon the mountain top limiting visibility to 30 feet. Then the snow starts falling. The wind starts blowing. Next the lightning starts striking all around. Ominous flashes in the dense fog surround you. And you realize that far above timber-line everything (including you) is a potential lightning rod. Time to start heading for lower ground. After a while when the noise and wind subsides you turn around. The sky is blue, the sun bright and warm. Time to go back up.
Welcome to my tribute to Mosquito Pass, Colorado.
A place that was a part of the great Gold Rush of the latter 1800's. People once lived here, worked 6 ten hour days a week and earned every cent of their $3 a week salary.