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I'm a desktop Linux guy at home and a Windows laptop guy at work.
When I decided to get a travel laptop, me being me, I decided to try something new (to me). I didn't have time to order a Linux laptop or build one and I sure in the hell didn't want a Vista laptop. Past history with Windows gave me the willies.
So, in February 2007 I brought a Macbook into my family of primarily Linux machines.
The fun of something new and different. It's been an excellent machine.
Go to the bottom and scroll up to view chronologically. Gotta few links there too.

AppleMatters - A switchers Guide to Windows and Mac Differences and Equivalents
A helpful place to get started.

MAC OS X keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft's latest trick
which just reaffirms my decision to never buy anything with Windows again.
Microsoft jacks it's own customers every chance they get.

Using the Mac Command Key

Safari, like Firefox, supports tabbed browsing. To open a link on a webpage in a new tab simply hover the pointer over the link. Then using your fingers push down the Command key and while holding it down press the shift key. While doing that, (mouse)click. It's Command-Shift-Click. Whollah. The link opens in a new tab.

Text in Safari too big or too small? Simple. Hold the Command key and hit the + or - key. Instant resizing.

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